Who Am I?

I started using Generative AI in 2022 with the release of ChatGPT. As an early adopter, I knew it wasn't a trend but a tool that could help in numerous ways. I learned to craft prompts and automated Digital Marketing tasks. I now work full-time building AI tools to leverage content.

Generative AI Experiece:

  • Built, fine tuned, and deployed AI workflows to craft long and short form content including blogs, website pages, social media content, and email newsletters.

  • Proficient in all current AI tools as of 2024, including Midjourney and Runway Gen-2

  • API experience building custom tools that generate social media posts automatically.

  • Deployed different workflows to different marketing teams, while also disarming their fears around AI.

My Creative Outlet

Generative AI has become an excellent tool for generating both images and videos. It gives me a strong starting point, and has expanded my creative ideas in my time using it. Here’s a short video of some Runway Gen-2 clips I made.

“AI will impact every industry on Earth, including manufacturing, agriculture, health care, and more.”

- Fei-Fei Li


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